GIS is something I heard about probably less than a month ago. A friend of mine, who was a military intelligence analyst and interrogator at one point in her career, introduced me to GIS. She told me I should learn about it, and particularly how to use ArcGIS software. I took her advice and I’ve been finding learning resources on the internet that suit my needs. I’m currently reading Chapter 2 of GEOG 482: The Nature of Geographic Information, which is one of many free online learning resources from Penn State University. I chose this open course from PSU in order to gain a foundation for understanding the nature of geographic information, and so far I have found it immensely helpful and insightful as someone who has absolutely no background in GIS.
A second free online resource that I’ve utilized is GIS Lounge. It’s basically a blog about GIS, and it discusses relevant topics in the industry and also compiles useful links for GIS users and learners (GIS Lounge is where I found out about PSU’s open courses).
My next step in learning GIS is to purchase an Esri subscription for ArcGIS for Personal Use. It only costs $100 per year, and with that subscription I’ll have access to Esri’s self-paced e-courses so that I can continue learning about ArcGIS and GIS in general. I will purchase it in the coming month or two.