My ArcGIS learning has been derailed a little bit the past few weeks due to being in the third trimester of my pregnancy and therefore being more mentally focused on preparing for our baby girl to make her entrance into this world than on using ArcGIS to analyze the surface of the world she’s coming into. But now that I’m on modified bedrest due to being at risk for preterm labor (I’ll be 32 weeks tomorrow), I’ve put my GIS learning cap back on in an attempt to bide the time and learn something useful while I’m confined to my couch most of the day.

They say spatial analysis is the heart and soul of ArcGIS. So while I’m on modified bedrest, my goal is to get to the heart of ArcGIS and develop a fundamental understanding of spatial analysis. I can’t physically go far right now; so I’m going to take this time to mentally go far with spatial analysis and thereby understand ArcGIS better.